Is this the future of our dunes?


Based on our conversations and viewing of maps with Ian Mckee (PriceWaterhouseCoopers project director for the MRA) and on similar maps forwarded to us by the City of Stirling (see new maps of revised road alignment here), it would appear that a four lane road (two traffic lanes with two parking lanes) will run through the dunes to connect the Esplanade in Scarborough with the West Coast Highway, a mockup of which is shown above.

A similar road would run through the dunes to the south.  Unfortunately, no one has any further information on the road – the MRA is refusing to give anyone information except the new Advisory Committee.

Do they think this will be good for Scarborough?  For the residents, the businesses, the beachgoers and all of us Western Australians who believe that our natural beaches are the best in the world?  They call this modern urban planning?  It is backward, old-style car-based planning – that went out in the 1980’s – and is completely unacceptable.

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