How to help

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Sign the Petition – an aligned group has started a petition on against the roads through Bush Forever sites.  Politicians don’t always act on petitions, but it is a good way to get the word out, get more supporters, and show the power of numbers.  Link to the petition here.

Write to your local Councillor and your local Member of Parliament.  An email or letter in your own words, from a constituent, is very powerful – particularly as an election is looming.

  • Scarborough electorate:  Hon Liza Harvey MLA –
  • Carine electorate:  Mr Tony Krsticevic MLA –
  • Churchlands electorate:  Hon Sean L’Estrange –
  • Minister for Planning -Hon Donna Faragher MLC – Minister Farragher is responsible for both the MRA and protecting Bush Forever, and should be the one to put a stop to the MRA –
  • Premier of Western Australia – Hon Colin Barnett MLA –
  • Stirling Coastal Ward Councilors:  Cr Karen Caddy – and Cr Mark Irwin –

It would also be useful to write to the public servants who are supposed to be acting in the common good:

Another powerful tool is to write to your local newspaper – the Stirling Times, or the West Australian.  A printed letter can really help spread the word.  You can also comment online at the newspaper’s website about articles – which increases the chance of follow-up news stories.


Clearly state your opposition to the extension of The Esplanade north (and/or south) to West Coast Highway at the beginning of your submission/comments.

  • Why has the MRA reversed a decision to close the Esplanade Road Reserve made by the City of Stirling Council on 1 May 2012 following a public consultation which overwhelmingly supported the closure of the 2.8ha road reserve north of Scarborough Beach.
  • In making its decision to close the road reserve in 2012, the City of Stirling stated the existing entry and egress points along West Coast Highway and Reserve St adequately catered for any future development.
  • At the time, the City of Stirling said the road reserve closure would enable the pristine bushland on this land or similar to be amalgamated with the South Trigg Beach Class A Reserve – a responsible and popular decision.
  • The road reserve is primarily native bushland, some of it in pristine condition, and is part of Bush Forever area 308 which is recognised as a regionally significant bushland worthy of protection. This was recognised by the City of Stirling in 2012.
  • The construction of a road and car parking through the corner of the South Trigg Beach Reserve will involve clearing of vegetation which currently stabilises the dune system and will cause erosion and destroy habitat.
  • This reserve is an integral part of the succession of landform and vegetation extending from the foreshore to the adjacent Trigg Bushland and must be protected.
  • Bush Forever areas are subject to State Planning Policy 2-8 which recognises regionally significant bushland and its management as a primary purpose and a fundamental consideration in its own right as part of an area’s essential environmental infrastructure.
  • Disturbance through this coastal dune system places the whole of the South Trigg Beach Reserve at risk of degradation, incursion and weed invasion.
  • Further fragmentation of this small area of mobile Quindalup dunes will threaten the long term viability of the whole coastal dune reserve.
  • Building a road and a major intersection within a Bush Forever area in a fragile dune reserve is irresponsible and will have an adverse impact on the coastal environment and local residents.
  • The dunes in this part of the road reserve are some of the most densely vegetated dunes between the West Coast Highway and the ocean. The dunes are very steep and irregular as a result of multiple geological forces, and cover only a small area.  There is little weed incursion in the deep dunes west of the pedestrian path.  This area will be irreparably damaged during the construction of a road.

There are many arguments that can be made about the adverse impact on the amenity of the area to local residents and about road safety.  We have concentrated on the environmental impact of the Esplanade extension north.  Similar arguments can be made about the proposal to extend the Esplanade south (Bush Forever Area 310).