Heritage Walk through Trigg Dunes, all about Parabolic Dunes, Conservation History and more! Keep in touch and support the Friends of Trigg Beach through our Facebook page:  SaveTriggBeach

Walk from Scarborough through the beautiful dunes of Bush Forever Site 308 – Trigg Bushland and South Trigg Reserve on the Scarborough-Trigg Heritage Walk.  See for yourself why this area must be protected!  Map and information from the City of Stirling here.

What are parabolic dunes?  And what are parabolic nested dunes?  Dr Vic Semeniuk explains what this dune system is, and where it is at Trigg Beach – and why it is unique and important to preserve!  Re-direct to the Friends of Trigg Bushland page here.

Conservation history of South Trigg Beach Reserve – how and why it was earmarked for conservation and why it is a Class A reserve.  Re-direct to the Friends of Trigg Bushland page here.

Support other local groups that are fighting to save the amenity of the dunes in South Scarborough:  Save our Sand Dunes


Scarborough Trigg Heritage Trail

Scarborough Trigg Heritage Trail

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