MRA ignores valid community concerns

The Planning Minister adopted the final Master Plan for Scarborough Beach on 14 September 2015 and also announced that major foreshore works will start in April 2016. The Friends of Trigg Beach was advised by letter from the MRA that it had identified some issues from the public submissions which it had addressed in a Q&A document.

We were also advised that our objections to the Esplanade extensions had been noted and that the proposed road extensions will be further analysed and designed as “…part of the next stage of the planning process, including …potential road alignments, treatments and landscaping.” We were told that there will be further consultation with stakeholders and relevant approvals will need to be obtained.

If this was meant to placate us it has failed miserably. The Q&A re-writes history when it states that the northern Esplanade extension will only affect land that is currently a dedicated road reserve. Those of us who have been involved in protecting the South Trigg Beach Reserve for many years will remember that in May 2012 the City of Stirling decided to amalgamate the road reserve into the South Trigg Beach Class A Reserve 46248 in recognition of its environmental significance. We know that this amalgamation gained the approval of the Council, the Department of Planning, the Water Corp, Verve Electricity and was with the State Land Services for final plans to be prepared. Then in January 2015 the MRA Master Plan was revealed, effectively reversing the amalgamation decision in order to construct a new road and intersection with West Coast Highway, north and south of the 100ha Scarborough Beach project site. This reversal occurred without any public consultation.

Additionally, the Q&A falsely claims the affected area is of low conservation value and largely degraded. There is no reference given to support this claim. No environmental impact study has been carried out on this area by the MRA. The MRA acknowledges that the road extensions “may impact” the boundaries of Bush Forever sites, but then minimises this impact by calling the area degraded. Have a look at the maps – see ‘Maps’ tab above. The purple boundary is the Bush Forever 308 area. Visit the site and make up your own mind on the impact of a road and road intersection during and after construction on the dunes and vegetation.

All the language in the Q&A points to a foregone conclusion. We believe that the MRA intends to proceed with the Esplanade road extensions unless there is widespread community opposition. We will not tolerate the chipping away at the edges of this precious and valuable 10ha coastal dune reserve which deserves greater respect than it has received in recent years from the City of Stirling and now the State Government.

We have started the ball rolling by contacting the media, a story should appear shortly in the Stirling Times. We are also writing to each of the candidates for the Coastal Ward to ask for their support in protecting the coastal dunes. We will be making further submissions to the MRA and seeking the support of local conservation groups. The Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare has been working on rehabilitation in the South Trigg Beach Reserve and the reserve is an integral part of the Trigg Bushland Reserve sharing the same Bush Forever reference, the Friends of Trigg Bushland are central to the campaign to protect the reserve from further fragmentation.

What can you do? Contact us if you wish to become more actively involved; talk to your neighbours and friends and ask them to visit the site to form their own opinion; become a Supporter of the Friends of Trigg Beach; write to the MRA expressing opposition to the Esplanade extension; like our Facebook page; subscribe to this website blog; and keep in touch!

Friends of Trigg Beach Group formed to protect Trigg Beach from over-development

A new group has been formed with the aim of bringing together conservation groups and local residents to campaign to preserve the natural beauty and environment of the Trigg Beach.
Spokesperson for the Friends of Trigg Beach, Robyn Murphy said that “While Scarborough Beach is being developed as a built tourist attraction; Trigg Beach should be protected and promoted as a natural area to be enjoyed by beach users and visitors today and into the future.”
Unlike Scarborough Beach, Trigg Beach still has considerable intact original Quindalup dunes, natural flora and fauna and its conservation value has been recognised by its Bush Forever status. This status requires any proposed development to show clear environmental benefits.
The Trigg Beach and the adjacent Trigg Bushland provide a rare example of successional vegetation from the beach through mobile and sand dune systems to mature Tuart Woodlands in Karrinyup. This is a precious and unique environment that is worthy of conservation.
“We are aware that many beach users and people who value our natural coastal environment enjoy the natural beauty of Trigg Beach and do not want to see it go the same way as Scarborough Beach.”

Scarborough Beach Master Plan threatens dune reserve
Many people will be unaware that the Draft Master Plan for Scarborough Beach proposes a reversal of a 2012 decision by the City of Stirling to close the 2.8ha road reserve at the northern end of the Esplanade.
Instead of enabling the decision to amalgamate the Esplanade road reserve into the dunes at South Trigg Beach, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) is proposing extending the Esplanade to West Coast Highway effectively creating a major new intersection. This is part of the MRA’s larger plan to divert traffic from the intersection of West Coast Highway and Scarborough Beach Road onto two new traffic intersections on West Coast Highway at the northern and southern ends of the Esplanade.
It appears that the MRA has ignored the pubic consultation held by the City of Stirling in 2012 which resulted in the majority of submissions supporting the road closure of the Esplanade north and the protection of the flora and fauna of the coastal dunes. The Mayor at the time, said that the community had overwhelmingly supported the inclusion of the road reserve into the adjacent Class A reserve. He said the area was “…absolutely unique and beautiful and needs to be protected”.
The MRA has overridden the City of Stirling’s decision in 2012 to close this road reserve and incorporate it into the dune conservation reserve. Once again the environment takes second place to cars. Building a road and a major intersection within a Bush Forever area in a fragile dune reserve is irresponsible and will have an adverse impact on the coastal environment and local residents.

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Trigg Beach Prickle Lily Acanthocarpus preissii